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Shoulder, Bone, Joint, Hip, Knee Replacement in Kolkata Services

Joint Pain Treatment in Kolkata

Joint replacement in Kolkata:-

Damaged joints,eg knee, hip, shoulder are sometimes so painful that they need to be replaced. In such
cases we do a joint replacement surgery for a painless and mobile joint.

Fracture treatment in Kolkata:-

Some complex fracture needs fixation by plates or nails. Plates are made of stainless steel and titanium.
It requires patient to be admitted in the hospital. Patients are usually discharged after 3 days post

Plaster treatment in Kolkata:-

Most of the undisplaced, simple fractures can be treated with plaster. Dr datta provides fracture
treatment with modern technologies. The fracture is manipulated under anasthesia and a plaster is
applied over the area. It usually takes 1 -2 month for the fracture to heal depending on the type of

Joint injection in Kolkata:-

Patients with severe joint pains, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis can be benifitted by local injections at the
site. However it should be performed by trained orthopedic surgeons only.

Outdoor consultation in Kolkata:-

Patients with joint, bone pain can come and consult doctor prasenjit datta. Many of the orthopedic
problems can be cured by outdoor consultation with dr datta.