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numbness of your finger tips, your nerves might have been hit twice….

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  • 23 August, 2019

have your ever felt numbness in your fingers? is it quite often? does it bother you after getting up from sleep, then this blog is for you.

Nerves are an integral part of our human body. They are essential to our survival.

Often our finger tips become numb while touching cold for long, or staying in a particular posture for long hours.

this is a normal phenomenon which recovers without any problem.

but if you suffer from this problem often, then your nerves are sufferring from double hit phenomenon.

a persons nerves can be previously damaged due to along standing cervical spondylitis, alcoholism, diabetic neuropathy etc.

when they suffer a second hit due to long compression of the nerve due to any trauma, or carpal tunnel syndrome, then the nerves are grossly damaged.

these cases are hard to recover.

they should seek immediate medical attention or the problem worsens to a stage of beyond repair.

so if you are sufferring from numbeness and parasthesia of any part of your body , do not ignore it.

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