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  • 3 September, 2019

Babies aged 2 to 5 years should never be pulled by the forearm or hand.
it may develop into a problem called pulled elbow.

why does pulled elbow occur?

babies aged 2-5 years have underdeveloped head of radius. when the baby is pulled by arm or forearm, the annular ligament around the head of the radius slips out of the head of radius. resulting in pulled elbow.

how to suspect a pulled elbow?

immediately after the pull, baby cries and does not allow to touch the elbow. elbow is in extended condition and it is very painful

what to do?

rush to the local orthopedic surgeon, he can put it back by a simple reduction maneuver in the out patient department.

how to avoid the situation?

never pull your baby by the forearm or hand. pull her by the arm.

dr prasenjit datta 

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