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  • 2 September, 2019

Joints dislocation are a common finding in orthopedic practice and also an orthopedic emergency...

They are commonly associated with high velocity road traffic accidents. but it may also occur in elderly patients due to a simple fall, and in epileptic patients during epilepsy.

how to suspect a dislocation?

Immediately after an injury or accident you notice that you cannot move your hand , shoulder,leg etc....

Any attempt to move the joint is painful and restricted.

which joints are commonly dislocated?

Dislocation most commonly occurs in shoulder joint. next most common joints are .

1.fingers, toes


3. hip


5. ankle

what to do if you suspect a dislocation?

The best thing to do,is to immobilize the limb and rush to the nearest health care facility , because it is a medical emergency.

If any health care facility is not near, and you are trained in dislocation reduction tryout yourself.

IN CASE, you are not medically trained and still want to try, as medical help is far from you (e .g you are in a jungle) try to pull the limb , toe, finger along its axis. if it helps good, if it does not do not repeat, as it will aggravate the damage and the pain.

these videos might guide you

shoulder dislocation:-

finger dislocation:-

elbow dislocation:-

remember these videos are only for guidance, and medical personnel are the best person to perform these procedures on the patient.

THEREFORE, you should always ensure not to do any further damage to a patient who is ailing with a dislocated joint.

thank you

dr prasenjit datta

orthopedic surgeon

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