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  • 9 September, 2019

BACK PAIN IS a relatively modern epidemic. Normally, people in their middle and old age used to suffer from back pain. But now, this phenomenon has percolated in the younger generation.

why does our back hurt?

our back is made up of muscles and spine. Thus, any problem in the muscle, or spine can cause pain.

what are the common causes?

  1. paraspinal muscle spasm
  2. spinal cord injury
  3. fracture of the spine
  4. rarely pain of pancreas, kidney uterus, ovary can cause back pain.

how to prevent back pain?

regular exercise and healthy diet are the best way to prevent our back pain.

we should eat foods rich in calcium. Such as, MILK, GREEN VEGETABLES. we should take FOODS rich in vitamin d such as egg, fish oils. These, foods can prevent back pain.

we should do early morning exercises and walk for at least 30 min a day to prevent back pa

have a look here for good back exercises at home

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dr prasenjit datta

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