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About Dr.Prasenjit Datta, Orthopedic Doctor in Kolkata

Dr. Prasenjit Datta is an orthopedic doctor in Kolkata with vast experience in management of entire orthopedic field

He has treated thousands of patients suffering from various orthopedic problems successfully, and many of them are leading disease free life. He has treated many serious accidents and disorders with plasters and surgery. He has performed many orthopedic surgery complicated cases, even on very old and fragile patients with multiple medical problems with success in his career. It is his experience and dedication towards the medical field, which has made him known as the best orthopedic doctor in Kolkata. You are always welcome to visit  Dr. Prasenjit Datta, the top orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata, for all your orthopedic and arthritis related problems. He is well known as best arthritis doctor in Kolkata. His treatments are very efficient and quick in healing. All the success stories of Dr. Prasenjit Datta are the best evidence which shows the safety and assurance of his treatment. Patients from outside Kolkata also prefer to visit this best orthopedic doctor in Kolkata. Health and well being of his patients has always been his priority. You can book your appointment with Dr. Prasenjit Datta at various above mentioned clinics according to the mentioned schedule.

His Childhood:-

Dr Prasenjit Datta was born in Durgapur, West Bengal in the year 1984. He studied at St. Michaels School, Durgapur till class 10 and passed ICSE board exams in 2001. He completed his class 11 and 12 at Bidhan Chandra Institution, Durgapur and qualified H.S board exams in 2003. He also qualified the joint entrance medical exams in 2003. Today, he is the top orthopedic doctor in Kolkata.

College days:-

Dr. Prasenjit Datta got admitted in R.G.Kar Medical College in 2003 and studied M.B.B.S. He passed in the year 2007 and completed his internship in 2008. He also got selected in All India Post Graduate Entrance Examination and opted to study orthopedics at N.R.S Medical College in year 2010. He qualified M.S. (Orthopedics) in year 2013.

Early professional life:-

He served as R.m.o of orthopedic department from 2013 to 2015. He performed a lot of fracture surgeries and learned emergency management during the phase. He then joined the Columbia Asia hospital, Kolkata as an orthopedics registrar and learned about advanced joint replacement techniques and fracture management from senior surgeons in the field.

Till date:-

Dr datta is a freelance orthopedic surgeon, experienced to treat many orthopedic problems, and performs various orthopedic surgery. He practices mainly in north Kolkata and bally, Howrah. He keeps himself updated with newer techniques and management protocols of orthopedics. He is a life member of west Bengal orthopedic association.